Feeling Crappy

I am not sure what’s causing this but my energy is low, my head feels like I’m wearing a tight headband, that old feeling of “dirty brain” is back – it’s difficult to explain but imagining my brain being removed and washed in a magical mountain stream sounds very appealing.

The cause could be one of many things, or all of these things:
• Gluten consumption on the weekend
• Depressed about job situation
• Didn’t take proper thyroid prescription for one week (got lazy and didn’t do the full dosage which requires me to cut some pills in half in order to take 1.5 pills per dosage)
• Junk food slip ups (aka fat and salty vegan junk foods)
• Chocolate consumption
• Lack of sun



Hello everyone! Thank you so much for stopping by! It doesn’t look like much now as I’m still learning how to do this website thing.  Back in the day (late 90’s) I used to build websites with my BARE HANDS! Well not really but almost! I used to make websites out of pure HTML using a very basic text only program called Simple Text on my Mac.  After a while I developed a hate for web design. Rather than painting on a canvas it’s like typing binary code to make a painting. So NOT my style.

I plan to use this blog/website to compliment my YouTube channel. I hope to use this daily to keep a record of what I eat, how I feel and …stuff!  Since I don’t have time to do a daily video (and they probably wouldn’t be that interesting anyway).  Plus it’s another way to connect with my lovely and supportive YouTube family!