Feeling Crappy

I am not sure what’s causing this but my energy is low, my head feels like I’m wearing a tight headband, that old feeling of “dirty brain” is back – it’s difficult to explain but imagining my brain being removed and washed in a magical mountain stream sounds very appealing.

The cause could be one of many things, or all of these things:
• Gluten consumption on the weekend
• Depressed about job situation
• Didn’t take proper thyroid prescription for one week (got lazy and didn’t do the full dosage which requires me to cut some pills in half in order to take 1.5 pills per dosage)
• Junk food slip ups (aka fat and salty vegan junk foods)
• Chocolate consumption
• Lack of sun


2 thoughts on “Feeling Crappy

    • Thanks mom, I am planning on an annual check up soon. I think this was temporary. Thyroid and iron both are looking great as of 3 weeks ago. Will get a full blood panel.


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