Day 2 & 3: Countdown To Christmas Challenge

I’m still finding it a struggle to get in 20 bananas a day even with two giant smoothies. I honestly hate eating bananas straight up, it makes me want to GAG! But I do like dried bananas so I’m going to look into dehydrating some bananas tonight. Hopefully I can do them overnight so they are ready for tomorrow. As for smoothies go, I can only seem to manage 8 banana smoothies at this point.

Day 3:

  • Breakfast: 8 banana smoothie with 1 cup coconut water
  • Morning Snack: 2 bananas
  • Lunch: 8 banana smoothie with 1/2 cup frozen strawberries
  • Afternoon Snack:  1 banana
  • Dinner: Christmas Market! Vegan Chili (very soupy, not very filling), corn chips and two sticks of 100% maple syrup taffy, still hungry when I got home so I had some pop-chips.
  • Calories: 2535    Fat %: 7.6   Carb %: 87.3   Prot %: 6.1   Fiber: 67g

I missed my morning walk today because I was running late for work plus it was raining so I opted to take the bus.  Tonight we went to the Christmas Market with a Vegan MeetupGroup. Normally I wouldn’t go to something like this but we got in FREE! This year they added a vegan eatery to the market so someone got us all free tickets, woot! Unfortunately the portions were super tiny and if you’re a high carb vegan like me you know we like to eat BIG PORTIONS. I was super hungry after my soupy chili and 7 tortilla chips. We thought about getting something from the potato cart but it was all deep fried stuff. So I got two sticks of maple syrup taffy… basically it’s pure maple syrup made into taffy by putting it in snow and twirling it until it hardens. Total bananas: 19. Total trampoline: 0

Day 4:

  • Breakfast: 8 banana smoothie with 1/8 cup coconut water (ran out)
  • Morning Snack: 2 dark chocolates from box at work
  • Lunch: 10 banana smoothie, handful frozen strawberries
  • Afternoon Snack: banana, 1 dark chocolate
  • Dinner: 2.5-3 cups white rice, veggies, Gardein Orange ‘Chikn’,  1 pc chocolate (what the heck?)
  • Calories: 2808   Fat %: 10.6   Carb %: 81.7   Prot %: 7.7   Fiber: 57.9

I was running late for work this morning and almost took the bus but decided to just walk fast, it ended up being a jog/walk and hit a record time of 19 minutes! Woot!  A little surprised at how hungry I was for dinner after all those bananas today.  After I took the dogs out for their evening walk I finished putting up Christmas decorations and let the dogs rip up old wrapping paper. Well… I went to grab a some of the paper to play with the dogs and June’s accidentally got my finger with her canine tooth.  Finger is throbbing so I’m going to go now.  Going to go trampoline lightly. Total bananas: 19. Total trampoline: ?


Day 1 & 2: Countdown To Christmas Challenge

Yesterday marked day one of my Countdown to Christmas Challenge!  Even though I included 2-banana nice cream on top of my oatmeal found it a challenge to get in 20 bananas in a day without having a giant breakfast banana smoothie.

Day 1:

  • Breakfast: 1/2 cup oatmeal, 1 cup raspberries, 1tbsp coconut sugar, 2 nana ice cream
  • Morning Snack: 2 bananas
  • Lunch: 5 banana smoothie with coconut water
  • Afternoon Snack:  2 bananas
  • Dinner: 5 banana smoothie with parsley and OJ, small plate of leftover Raise the Roof Sweet Potato Lasagna & leftover baked fries.
  • Calories: 2518    Fat %: 6   Carb %: 87.1   Prot %: 6.7   Fiber: 72.1g

I had extra energy that lasted into the evening, I rarely do housework in the evenings other than the bare minimum: dishes.  I had the energy to do a full scrub of the bathroom!  Plus 10 minutes on the trampoline (even after all that food I ate for dinner I did not feel sluggish at all!).  Total bananas: 16

Day 2:

  • Breakfast: 8 banana smoothie with 1 cup coconut water
  • Morning Snack: 2 bananas
  • Lunch: 8 banana smoothie with 2 cups spinach
  • Afternoon Snack:  1 bananas
  • Dinner: Baked (no oil & no salt) potato fries, lemon juice, 3 tbsp low fat hummus & romaine lettuce hearts
  • Calories: 2524    Fat %: 6.4   Carb %: 87.5   Prot %: 6.1   Fiber: 68g

Later in the afternoon I felt like I could have been coming down with a cold, that weird feeling in the throat and mild headache. Took some oil of oregano when I got home plus some lysine then later before bed some Vitamin D.  I also did my 10 minute trampoline session.  Digestion is quite active, in a good way. Total bananas: 19

Weekly Update & Day in the Life Saturday + Christmas Challenge

Check out my latest weekly update video where I share a inside look at my Saturday (solo this time, husband was at work). Plus find out what I decided to do for my Countdown to Christmas Challenge.  I hope this inspires you to challenge yourself this holiday season. We could all use a little help I’m sure to hurdle all the holiday temptations.  Would love to hear if you have any goals for this holiday season in the comments section below =)

Thyroid Thursday: 5 Tips on How to Manage Hashimoto’s (Hypothyroidism)

I recently started a new video series to appeal to my fellow vegans (and non) who suffer from  Hashimoto’s (aka Hypothyroidism).  In my intro video I talk about what topics will be covered in the series plus 5 tips on what you can do RIGHT NOW regardless of where you are at in your symptom management.

Each video will be released on Thursday’s, for however long it takes to tell you my story and everything I’ve learned so far.

If you find this video helpful please click the thumbs up button and share with anyone you think might benefit from this.


Idea: Count Down to Christmas Banana Island

I had this brilliant idea come to me yesterday while walking home in the pouring rain: to do a 10 or 12 days of Christmas health challenge! I need to do something to get out of this junk food funk I’m on lately. I find challenges help motivate me to focus.

While this idea is still in the works, so far what it’s looking like is: banana island with a twist.  I realized last week that oatmeal makes my digestion perfect! Like when I was a kid! The kind where you could poop in the woods and not need to look for a leaf.  So what I’m proposing is starting my day off with Oatmeal + whatever fruits I want (likely berries or apples or both) with some maple syrup, cinnamon, etc. whatever I want that is high carb and low fat vegan.  Then I will follow up with a green banana smoothie for both lunch and dinner.  Cap it off with banana nice cream for dessert!!! Mmmmmm banana nice cream!!!

Once I get the details worked out I’ll post a video and invite others to join my challenge, in their own way. They can make their own custom island!

December Goals

My December Goals video is up!  I decided to recycle November’s goals since I didn’t achieve them. The only difference is that I’m not going to be hard on myself if I don’t do what I set out to do. If I have days were I sleep in or just don’t have the energy to do much I’m going to make myself do at least 5-15 minutes of SOMETHING.  Trampoline, quick yoga session, half a Jillian Michaels Beginner Shred workout. Anything!  No matter how positive my mind set is, deep down I’m still hard on myself if I do nothing. So for my own sake, I will resolve to do something.

I’ve also learned that some goals need an action plan, such as making a “Hashimoto’s Video”. Since it involves some research and remembering the timeline of my Hashimoto’s story, I need to set aside time each day to work on this.  I take the bus on my lunch break to get home quicker so I can walk the dogs, normally I read or play games on my iPhone. I’ve decided to bring a note pad to take Hashimoto’s notes while on the bus instead, yay action plan!

December Goals:

  • #1 Priority: Get to bed by 9:30pm
  • Yoga 3-5 times per week
  • Jillian Michaels Beginner Shred 2 times per week
  • No social media 8pm-8am
  • Hashimoto’s Video

Here’s my December Goals video if you’re interested:

Did Hell Freeze Over? It’s Monday and I Feel Okay!

It’s Monday morning and starting to wonder if hell froze over. It’s very rare that I feel anything more than someone who’d been hit by a truck. What’s the difference? Not sure, I still ate some vegan junk on the weekend. Yesterday I had around 10 or so bananas during the day, maybe that helped some.  I think what really helped though was getting to bed at a decent time Saturday and Sunday nights. Quite often I have the mindset to stay up late on the weekend just because I can.  Which is ass backwards because I also get up earlier on the weekends than I do during the week to get things like groceries and laundry out of the way before the rest of the world does.

It’s Monday and I feel okay! Yay!

Check out my Weekly Update Vlog covering last week here.