Day 2 & 3: Countdown To Christmas Challenge

I’m still finding it a struggle to get in 20 bananas a day even with two giant smoothies. I honestly hate eating bananas straight up, it makes me want to GAG! But I do like dried bananas so I’m going to look into dehydrating some bananas tonight. Hopefully I can do them overnight so they are ready for tomorrow. As for smoothies go, I can only seem to manage 8 banana smoothies at this point.

Day 3:

  • Breakfast: 8 banana smoothie with 1 cup coconut water
  • Morning Snack: 2 bananas
  • Lunch: 8 banana smoothie with 1/2 cup frozen strawberries
  • Afternoon Snack:  1 banana
  • Dinner: Christmas Market! Vegan Chili (very soupy, not very filling), corn chips and two sticks of 100% maple syrup taffy, still hungry when I got home so I had some pop-chips.
  • Calories: 2535    Fat %: 7.6   Carb %: 87.3   Prot %: 6.1   Fiber: 67g

I missed my morning walk today because I was running late for work plus it was raining so I opted to take the bus.  Tonight we went to the Christmas Market with a Vegan MeetupGroup. Normally I wouldn’t go to something like this but we got in FREE! This year they added a vegan eatery to the market so someone got us all free tickets, woot! Unfortunately the portions were super tiny and if you’re a high carb vegan like me you know we like to eat BIG PORTIONS. I was super hungry after my soupy chili and 7 tortilla chips. We thought about getting something from the potato cart but it was all deep fried stuff. So I got two sticks of maple syrup taffy… basically it’s pure maple syrup made into taffy by putting it in snow and twirling it until it hardens. Total bananas: 19. Total trampoline: 0

Day 4:

  • Breakfast: 8 banana smoothie with 1/8 cup coconut water (ran out)
  • Morning Snack: 2 dark chocolates from box at work
  • Lunch: 10 banana smoothie, handful frozen strawberries
  • Afternoon Snack: banana, 1 dark chocolate
  • Dinner: 2.5-3 cups white rice, veggies, Gardein Orange ‘Chikn’,  1 pc chocolate (what the heck?)
  • Calories: 2808   Fat %: 10.6   Carb %: 81.7   Prot %: 7.7   Fiber: 57.9

I was running late for work this morning and almost took the bus but decided to just walk fast, it ended up being a jog/walk and hit a record time of 19 minutes! Woot!  A little surprised at how hungry I was for dinner after all those bananas today.  After I took the dogs out for their evening walk I finished putting up Christmas decorations and let the dogs rip up old wrapping paper. Well… I went to grab a some of the paper to play with the dogs and June’s accidentally got my finger with her canine tooth.  Finger is throbbing so I’m going to go now.  Going to go trampoline lightly. Total bananas: 19. Total trampoline: ?


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