What Do I Eat?

Here’s a sample day of what I eat, the video is less than three minutes.


When is Giving Advice Appropriate?

Just wanted to rant a little here. I’m guilty of this myself, we all are. How many times have you given advice on something you know little about just because you’ve “heard or read something” on that topic?  The great thing is that we WANT to help. But sometimes it can be more damaging than good.

For example today I saw someone post in a vegan support group about having adrenal fatigue symptoms. Someone replied “when I’m feeling tired I just eat more fruit :)” . That’s very sweet but I have a feeling that person knows nothing about adrenal fatigue. Another responder suggested it was a made up term. This struck a cord for me because I spent years living with someone who thought I was faking my illness (Hashimoto’s).  Not sure what the perks are for faking a chronic illness but hey, maybe some people see the benefit in that.

The point is, when you give advice on something you have no personal experience with chances are you’re advice is likely to be unhelpful. And worst yet, telling them it’s made-up is the equivalent to “I’m not taking you seriously”.  In a public forum there is likely going to be someone who has in depth knowledge on the topic. Let someone else chime in or point them to someone who does have personal experience with it.

With today’s technology we have this thing called “information overload” and we end up thinking we’re experts on everything.  Instead we’re only experts on diluted tid-bits of information. That combined with our desire to help can sometimes lead to unhelpful advice.

So when is it okay to give advice? Well that really depends on the seriousness and level of desperation from the person asking.  But in general:

  1. You personally went through the same experience
  2. You are very close with someone who went through it and well versed on the topic
  3. Your post-secondary education revolved around that topic

Thinking back there are many times I should have just kept my mouth shut and instead offered showed them empathy and concern “I’m so sorry you are going through this, I wish I had some answers for you”.

What I Ate To Get 63g Protein (oops 44.9g)

Thank you Mike on Raw for the question! This is not exactly a typical day as I don’t usually eat oatmeal, especially not between fruit meals. And I don’t normally eat chocolate or coconut milk ice cream. I’ll be happy to show you numbers from a ‘perfect’ day as well. But usually anywhere from 40-60g protein.

January 6th, 2015

Breakfast:  2c pineapple, 1c mango juice (can), 1 lime peeled, 1 orange peeled, parsley-spinach-babygreens juiced 3oz, 1c coconut water:  7.6g protein

Snack: 1c quick oats, 3tbsp coconut sugar, 1 small mashed banana, cinnamon: 9.4g protein

Lunch: 3 medium bananas, 1c pomegranate juice (bottled),  1c frozen dark cherries, 2oz parsley-spinach-babygreens juiced: 5.9g protein

Snack: Leftover potato (1 med russet), 1tsp dijon mustard: 4.8g protein

Dinner: Brown rice fettuccine 4oz, cheater pad thai sauce 1/4 of the recipe (from Happy Herbivore Abroad – has some peanut butter in it), was still hungry but didn’t want to eat my husband’s leftovers meant for his lunch haha so I made myself some tortilla chips from 6″ corn tortillas x 3 cut into quarters dipped in 2tbsp store bought low fat hummus: 33.4g protein.  

WOW! Okay need to break this one down further to see where the protein is coming from.  Pasta: 8.1g, corn tortillas 4.1g, hummus 2g, cheater pad thai sauce 19.2g (this doesn’t seem right!! I’m going to double check that I entered the recipe correctly). After 20 minutes of investigating and calculating, Bragg’s was listed incorrectly! Now that it’s corrected it brings my dinner down to: 15g protein! And my total for the day down to:  44.9g.

Extras: 1 small square of dark chocolate: 1g, coconut milk ice cream: 1.2g

My brain officially hurts now.  LOL!

Well wouldn’t my doctor be all smug now if she knew of this discrepancy? But still, 44.9g isn’t bad at all. If I was worried about my protein I would add more lentils, beans and perhaps a small amount of nuts.



Where Do Vegans Get Their Protein & Nutrients?

After updating my ND on my diet she expressed concern for my protein intake, instead of laughing at her I asked her how much she recommends for me. She got out the calculator, asked my weight, and gave me a number: 63 grams.

I pulled out my Cron-O-Meter App to show her yesterday’s intake: 63 grams exactly! This is a simple day without any beans, nuts or seeds!


Why is it that no one seemed concerned (except for my parents) when my diet consisted mostly of  bread, peanut butter, cereal, chicken fingers, fries, grilled cheese, tomato soup, pepperoni pizza (hold the vegetables!), soda, chocolate, chips, candy and ice cream?

When people find out I’m vegan they are suddenly concerned for my health and well being (apparently). While we’re on the topic, let me show you my nutrients from that same day.


The only supplements I take regularly are: B12 (once per week), Vitamin D and occasionally probiotics. If I was concerned about my selenium I could easy fix that with a few brazil nuts a day.  Sources of Vegan Vitamin E: sunflower seeds, raw wheat germ, nuts, peanuts, green leafy vegetables, whole wheat flour, whole grains, spinach. Personally I avoid gluten because of Hashimoto’s and I don’t eat many nuts. So potentially I could also supplement with Vitamin E.

Just for fun, I inputted a typical day of what I used to eat, on  a Standard American Diet (SAD).  The nutrients actually didn’t look all that bad — likely because of eating fortified foods such as dairy milk and store bought bread. I wonder if those nutrients were easily absorbed though? The calories were roughly the same but the fat and sodium was through the roof!  When I ate that way I never felt good.

I have never loved eating healthy so much as I do now because what I eat tastes so f_ _ing good. I feel better than I ever have in my life and I’ve lost weight! I eat way more calories than recommended for my height, age and activity level (like 1000 calories more than recommended). How many people with Hashimoto’s (hypothyroidism) can say that?

My Pre-Xmas Challenge, Holiday Bulge & 2015 Goals

First off I want to apologize for not keeping up with posting about my 10 Day Count Down to Christmas Challenge! I did continue with the challenge but bananawisdom.ca was neglected and forgotten. If you’d like to see photos of my 10 day challenge head on over to my InstaGram page to see what I ate (they are the ones split into 4-5 food images with text on them) plus there’s a report for the day under each photo. In conclusion, it was a lot of work for me to get in 20 bananas a day.  Because I HATE eating bananas in their natural form it means I have to get them in the form of smoothies or Banana Nice Cream. Which for my schedule means getting that in 2 sittings: breakfast and lunch.  Most times I ended up bringing leftovers to work with me. Not ideal because banana smoothies & nice cream are best eaten right away, otherwise they oxidize and taste bitter.

Now on to the holiday bulge! Despite kicking off the holiday season with a banana challenge completed I still managed to sway from my diet just a little.  Combine that with less activity = weight gain!  Both my husband and I put on a few pounds over Christmas. I wasn’t really expecting that to be honest, I mean, I didn’t go CRAZAY with the food. I ate a little bit of dark chocolate here and there, some store-bought tortilla chips, vegan pizza and some candy but no where near what I’ve eaten in previous years.  I didn’t track my calories during the break but I do know I consumed more sodium and fat than usual.

2015 GOALS! I do not like ‘resolutions’ though they could be the same thing but the reality is quite resolutions are tossed to the side before you can say February.  I like to set goals throughout the year and change them as needed. Last year my main goal was to shed some fat, which I did. 30lbs of fat gone from my body! I have more to lose but it’s not taking the main stage in 2015.  This year is going to be all about simplifying and minimizing.

“Exit Strategy” aka Get out of 9-5 Rat Race 

  • Work less: reassess our monthly budget to see if we can adjust financially to me working a 4 day work week
  • Work for myself: figure out if I have any sellable skills/solutions to earn an income for myself by completing my online course.

Simplify / Minimize 

  • Read the minimalist e-books series I purchased from Lindsay S. Nixon
  • Declutter our living space, reduce “stuff”.  First stop: our kitchen cupboards. We rarely ever have guests over yet we have enough dishes to feed a family of 4 and way too many mugs and glasses.  Next up will be linens, clothes, toiletries & bathroom cabinet, books, DVD’s and even dog clothes
  • Read more books instead of playing Candy Crush or other mindless games

Save $ For a Trip or Two to Explore Potential Places to Live

  • I need more SUN! We don’t yet know WHERE we want to live. I know I LOVE the climate in Hawaii but I don’t like the idea of living on an island which makes us even farther away from family. Instead of going on a sunny vacation this year we’re going to explore some potential places to live.  It may involve an RV rental.

More 10 Day Challenges

I really enjoyed my Countdown to Xmas Challenge, 10 days is a nice number for me. A 30 day challenge is more daunting, especially for something that really IS a struggle for me. 10 day challenges can work as a catalyst for the goals I have this year! For example:

  • Read a chapter a day of one of many unread books I own
  • Work on Exit Strategy online course 30 minutes a day
  • Spend 10 minutes a day adding to the donation/declutter pile
  • 10 minutes of yoga a day

Here’s my video on my Goals for 2015 + My Body Assessment

Day 5: Countdown to Christmas Challenge

Yay it’s Friday!! Wow this week flew by.  So far being on this challenge has taught me that I absolutely can’t stand eating spotty bananas fresh/whole and that having a 10 banana smoothie takes too long to consume for my schedule. In the afternoon, despite having a 10 banana smoothie I was craving cooked foods. Luckily I brought some rice for an afternoon snack.  It seems, my stomach really can’t tell the difference between a 5 banana smoothie and 10 banana smoothie as far as satiation goes.

Day 5:

  • Breakfast: 10 banana nice cream with 1 pomegranate (16oz jar of it went to work with me)
  • Morning Snack: Nada
  • Lunch: 10 banana smoothie with 1 cup of coconut water(16oz jar of it went to work with me)
  • Afternoon Snack:  1 cup leftover white rice with Sweet Thai Chili Sauce & Braggs
  • Dinner: ???? forgot to log it!

I missed my morning walk today because I was running late for work plus it was raining so I opted to take the bus.  Tonight we went to the Christmas Market with a Vegan MeetupGroup. Normally I wouldn’t go to something like this but we got in FREE! This year they added a vegan eatery to the market so someone got us all free tickets, woot! Unfortunately the portions were super tiny and if you’re a high carb vegan like me you know we like to eat BIG PORTIONS. I was super hungry after my soupy chili and 7 tortilla chips. We thought about getting something from the potato cart but it was all deep fried stuff. So I got two sticks of maple syrup taffy… basically it’s pure maple syrup made into taffy by putting it in snow and twirling it until it hardens. Total bananas: 19. Total trampoline: 0

Day 4:

  • Breakfast: 8 banana smoothie with 1/8 cup coconut water (ran out)
  • Morning Snack: 2 dark chocolates from box at work
  • Lunch: 10 banana smoothie, handful frozen strawberries
  • Afternoon Snack: banana, 1 dark chocolate
  • Dinner: 2.5-3 cups white rice, veggies, Gardein Orange ‘Chikn’,  1 pc chocolate (what the heck?)
  • Calories: 2808   Fat %: 10.6   Carb %: 81.7   Prot %: 7.7   Fiber: 57.9

I was running late for work this morning and almost took the bus but decided to just walk fast, it ended up being a jog/walk and hit a record time of 19 minutes! Woot!  A little surprised at how hungry I was for dinner after all those bananas today.  After I took the dogs out for their evening walk I finished putting up Christmas decorations and let the dogs rip up old wrapping paper. Well… I went to grab a some of the paper to play with the dogs and June’s accidentally got my finger with her canine tooth.  Finger is throbbing so I’m going to go now.  Going to go trampoline lightly. Total bananas: 19. Total trampoline: 10