My Pre-Xmas Challenge, Holiday Bulge & 2015 Goals

First off I want to apologize for not keeping up with posting about my 10 Day Count Down to Christmas Challenge! I did continue with the challenge but was neglected and forgotten. If you’d like to see photos of my 10 day challenge head on over to my InstaGram page to see what I ate (they are the ones split into 4-5 food images with text on them) plus there’s a report for the day under each photo. In conclusion, it was a lot of work for me to get in 20 bananas a day.  Because I HATE eating bananas in their natural form it means I have to get them in the form of smoothies or Banana Nice Cream. Which for my schedule means getting that in 2 sittings: breakfast and lunch.  Most times I ended up bringing leftovers to work with me. Not ideal because banana smoothies & nice cream are best eaten right away, otherwise they oxidize and taste bitter.

Now on to the holiday bulge! Despite kicking off the holiday season with a banana challenge completed I still managed to sway from my diet just a little.  Combine that with less activity = weight gain!  Both my husband and I put on a few pounds over Christmas. I wasn’t really expecting that to be honest, I mean, I didn’t go CRAZAY with the food. I ate a little bit of dark chocolate here and there, some store-bought tortilla chips, vegan pizza and some candy but no where near what I’ve eaten in previous years.  I didn’t track my calories during the break but I do know I consumed more sodium and fat than usual.

2015 GOALS! I do not like ‘resolutions’ though they could be the same thing but the reality is quite resolutions are tossed to the side before you can say February.  I like to set goals throughout the year and change them as needed. Last year my main goal was to shed some fat, which I did. 30lbs of fat gone from my body! I have more to lose but it’s not taking the main stage in 2015.  This year is going to be all about simplifying and minimizing.

“Exit Strategy” aka Get out of 9-5 Rat Race 

  • Work less: reassess our monthly budget to see if we can adjust financially to me working a 4 day work week
  • Work for myself: figure out if I have any sellable skills/solutions to earn an income for myself by completing my online course.

Simplify / Minimize 

  • Read the minimalist e-books series I purchased from Lindsay S. Nixon
  • Declutter our living space, reduce “stuff”.  First stop: our kitchen cupboards. We rarely ever have guests over yet we have enough dishes to feed a family of 4 and way too many mugs and glasses.  Next up will be linens, clothes, toiletries & bathroom cabinet, books, DVD’s and even dog clothes
  • Read more books instead of playing Candy Crush or other mindless games

Save $ For a Trip or Two to Explore Potential Places to Live

  • I need more SUN! We don’t yet know WHERE we want to live. I know I LOVE the climate in Hawaii but I don’t like the idea of living on an island which makes us even farther away from family. Instead of going on a sunny vacation this year we’re going to explore some potential places to live.  It may involve an RV rental.

More 10 Day Challenges

I really enjoyed my Countdown to Xmas Challenge, 10 days is a nice number for me. A 30 day challenge is more daunting, especially for something that really IS a struggle for me. 10 day challenges can work as a catalyst for the goals I have this year! For example:

  • Read a chapter a day of one of many unread books I own
  • Work on Exit Strategy online course 30 minutes a day
  • Spend 10 minutes a day adding to the donation/declutter pile
  • 10 minutes of yoga a day

Here’s my video on my Goals for 2015 + My Body Assessment


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