What I Ate To Get 63g Protein (oops 44.9g)

Thank you Mike on Raw for the question! This is not exactly a typical day as I don’t usually eat oatmeal, especially not between fruit meals. And I don’t normally eat chocolate or coconut milk ice cream. I’ll be happy to show you numbers from a ‘perfect’ day as well. But usually anywhere from 40-60g protein.

January 6th, 2015

Breakfast:  2c pineapple, 1c mango juice (can), 1 lime peeled, 1 orange peeled, parsley-spinach-babygreens juiced 3oz, 1c coconut water:  7.6g protein

Snack: 1c quick oats, 3tbsp coconut sugar, 1 small mashed banana, cinnamon: 9.4g protein

Lunch: 3 medium bananas, 1c pomegranate juice (bottled),  1c frozen dark cherries, 2oz parsley-spinach-babygreens juiced: 5.9g protein

Snack: Leftover potato (1 med russet), 1tsp dijon mustard: 4.8g protein

Dinner: Brown rice fettuccine 4oz, cheater pad thai sauce 1/4 of the recipe (from Happy Herbivore Abroad – has some peanut butter in it), was still hungry but didn’t want to eat my husband’s leftovers meant for his lunch haha so I made myself some tortilla chips from 6″ corn tortillas x 3 cut into quarters dipped in 2tbsp store bought low fat hummus: 33.4g protein.  

WOW! Okay need to break this one down further to see where the protein is coming from.  Pasta: 8.1g, corn tortillas 4.1g, hummus 2g, cheater pad thai sauce 19.2g (this doesn’t seem right!! I’m going to double check that I entered the recipe correctly). After 20 minutes of investigating and calculating, Bragg’s was listed incorrectly! Now that it’s corrected it brings my dinner down to: 15g protein! And my total for the day down to:  44.9g.

Extras: 1 small square of dark chocolate: 1g, coconut milk ice cream: 1.2g

My brain officially hurts now.  LOL!

Well wouldn’t my doctor be all smug now if she knew of this discrepancy? But still, 44.9g isn’t bad at all. If I was worried about my protein I would add more lentils, beans and perhaps a small amount of nuts.




One thought on “What I Ate To Get 63g Protein (oops 44.9g)

  1. Thanks so much for the details. I still am working on what I’ll be eating mostly, so far mostly bananas and mangos and dates, and potatoes. not very exiting, but i’m working on that, and your videos are helping me work it out.


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