Interested in Free Intuitive Readings?

To help me polish my skills in intuitive readings I am currently offering free readings by invitation only.  If you are interested and haven’t received an invitation to set up an appointment please email me at

Who is eligible?  Those with an open mind who I feel an intuitive reading would be beneficial. What I ask for in return is for you to keep in touch and report back to me if anything in the session resonated with you.  Of course, tell me in the session if it resonates right away, but sometimes things don’t make sense until later.

What I’m not looking for: people who want proof that psychic stuff isn’t quackery. If you think it’s bullshit, then that’s what you will receive. I’ve been there and done that myself and I only ended up disappointed. Because I wanted an exact blueprint of my future,  if everything didn’t happen as the psychic said then it was all just a bunch o’ crap!

Events in the future are probabilities. The future is not written in stone. You may be destined to experience certain situations, events, people, relationships, etc. But the biggest influence on your future is YOU.  I’m just here to help guide you a little in the right direction. Instead of looking at life as if through a flash light, let me turn on ALL the lights and look at the big picture.