Naturtint Hair Color Review

I’ve been searching for a cruelty-free vegan brand of hair dye for just over a year now. The only results I would find after an extensive google search was “Henna” and  the reviews alone scared me off.  Another option I looked into was going to an Aveda salon but that’s just too spendy for me. I just can’t justify $200 on something that will have to be redone in a few months.

Early in September I rolled up my sleeves and did another online search and came across an article on Peta’s website. Naturtint is listed in the article  but in the comments. So I searched for more info on Naturtint.  Naturtint’s description of their hair color line:  “Naturtint’s plant-based permanent hair color is unlike any typical at-home hair dyes. Phergal Laboratories created a formula with a botanical base, that is eco-friendly, ammonia-free, paraben-free, and vegan friendly.”

Also on the side of the box is a symbol of a bunny with the words “Not tested on animals” around it but I wasn’t able to find this product on any of the major cruelty-free certified lists. 20120917_153

If anyone knows more about whether or not Naturtint is truly cruelty free I would love for you to comment.

My review:

  • Grey coverage? Yes! 100% (be sure to leave it on long enough for grey coverage, see instructions)
  • Smell? Much less harsh than typical hair dyes. It has a slight plasticy new product smell to it but that’s about it
  • Color Accuracy? Find a colour you want, then find one that is TWO shades lighter for best results IF you don’t want to go darker.
  • Time? 30-40 minutes for grey coverage

For my full review, before and after shots please watch my video:

Want to try it out for yourself? Here’s the exact product I used: Naturtint: Lt. Golden Chestnut, 4.5 oz (6 pack)

If you have tried vegan friendly, cruelty-free hair colour I would love to hear from you!

Which products have you tried and how did it turn out? Comment below.


~ Jeannine