Social Media Cleanse Day 4

It does seem a little odd that I’m taking a social media break around the same time Essena Oneill announced that she’s quitting social media.  However our reasons are completely different. Essena had an awakening. A realization that she did not feel right about the perfect persona she created for popularity.

I needed to take a break because I feel as though I have an addiction or reliance on social media. I rely too much on social media to keep me distracted, make me laugh, make me feel validated (via likes, comments, thumbs up, etc) and feel like part of a community. Social media actually makes me feel, social!  It’s a safe place for an introvert to let loose because I can retreat anytime.

But too often I would go to my computer for a simple task such as googling an address only to find myself Facebooking for an hour. One click on my bookmarks bar and I’m sucked into a social media vortex completely forgetting to look up that address.

I’m finding though that I am replacing social media with other digital distractions. More time on Simpson’s Tapped Out, checking YouTube video stats and comments, writing in forums, emails, etc.  Today I realize that I’m actually addicted to distractions.

What really would break me of these bad habits is to be completely off the grid. Now that is a scary thought!

Check out today’s video and comment:

I’m not a writer. I’m a thinker. Sometimes my thoughts take over the keyboard and they might not always make sense. With that said, thank you so much for taking the time to read my ramblings.



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