Social Media Cleanse: Day 9

Today’s theme is all about tapping into childhood memories to find my passion. The other I was watching Grace Smith when she said to a viewer “If you want to figure out your passion think about what you enjoyed the most as a kid, it’s as simple as that.”  So it got me thinking about my childhood.  I realized I have a lot of sadness attached to my childhood memories. It’s not that I grew up in a broken home or had abusive parents but I was a sensitive child and I was really good at storing those negative feelings in my memory more than the positive ones.

I remember clearly all the times I got in trouble from my friends parents (okay it was only twice). Mostly I remember at various times feeling left out, ugly, fat, stupid and average. I remember being made fun of for being a bed wetter – and being sent home from a sleepover party before the sleeping part. Another time I went to a huge sleepover party, the lights were out and we were all in our sleeping bags on the floor, I overheard “she’s probably peeing herself right now, hahaha”.  Another time I was devastated that I actually wet the bed while staying at a friends house, not one of my best friends but a sort of newish friend. After that I was known as the “pee princess”, well for maybe a couple of weeks.

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that those negative times seemed to have pushed out the positive memories. So I asked my mom for some help in remembering what I actually enjoyed as a kid.  Watch the video to find out more and I would love to hear what you enjoyed the most as a child.


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