I Joined the 5am Club!

It’s been a bit of a rough start but I have officially joined the 5am club! It’s an exclusive club for people who want to develop good habits. Okay I lied, it’s not exclusive but it sure feels like it.

Have you ever noticed that highly successful people talk about early mornings when asked how they got to be successful? It’s one of many things but a very important thing.

I have been busy trying to adjust to this new schedule AND get my daily YouTube videos out for Vlogmas this past week. Here’s the video where I announce my 5am Club Membership:


Vlogmas Day 13 [Video]

Short and sweet today! Meet my husband Scott and his fluffy beard. He says I was picking my nose in the video but I was ITCHING it! Tell him I was itching it! LOL.  Everything I ate plus my workout routine today.

Girls/Ladies Don’t Poop or Fart

I have a problem with going #2 in public or basically if anyone is in my vicinity. The other day I stopped half way through, ehem, going poop because someone walked into the small shared bathroom where I work. I left and thought, this is ridiculous!! Why does it bother me so much to not have total privacy while pooping?

Why is this so common with the ladies? It’s much more accepted for guys to fart, burp, or make a big stinker in a friend’s bathroom and make a joke about it.  But not the ladies, we’re supposed to be as perdy as a flower.

Watch the video below to get my (funny) take on this. https://youtu.be/k_44EXYkkMc

Vegan with Hashimoto’s

What amazes me is that I’m able to lose weight and feel great on this lifestyle regardless of my abnormally high TSH of 5.5 – normally my TSH is under 2.  In the past whenever my TSH crept above 3 I had major hypothyroid symptoms: depression, dry skin, very low energy, etc.

Many of my peers with Hashimoto’s/Hypothyroidism are on a Paleo diet as they think it’s the only way they can lose weight. They’ll say: “just looking at carbs makes me fat!”.  Of course it does! Your body is in starvation mode! You’ve eliminated the most important energy source that fuels your muscles and brain cells (carbohydrates/glucose). In fact you are starving your body of what it needs. It’s only natural that your body would want to hold on to it for dear life the next time you consume carbs!  The weight gain you may experience from reintroducing carbs is only temporary. No need to panic.

I personally would much rather have some temporary weight gain as a small sacrifice for long term benefits. Since switching to a high carb low fat whole foods plant based diet I have experienced:

  • increased energy
  • ability to eat a high amount of calories without gaining weight
  • desire to exercise
  • stable mood & happier disposition
  • increased passion for animals and the planet
  • the need to REDUCE my thyroid medications (which is why I’m temporarily hypothyroid as my body adjusts to new dosage)
  • increased lean mass

If you aren’t eating a plant based diet already, what is stopping you? Help me help you, ask me anything. If you are embarrassed to ask publicly you can always ask anonymously on my Tumblr page.

Watch this one minute video of what I eat in a day for inspiration. If you’d like to see more be sure to subscribe to my channel on YouTube and of course your likes/dislikes and comments are always appreciated!

What I Eat for Weightloss

Sorry for the mash up! Being back on social media has been keeping me super busy.

Here’s what I’ve been up to…

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I wasn’t very happy about posting this but it had to be done. Progress photos and measurements. Eeep!


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