Last Day of Social Media Cleanse

Tomorrow I’ll be back on the Social Media train and I’m not as excited as I thought I would be.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m looking forward to seeing what my Facebook friends have been up to but I’m only interested in personal posts — not articles, not meme’s, not the cutest cat video ever. I’m looking forward to creating silly stories on SnapChat and making pretty photos for Instagram.

I’m one of those people who posts articles, meme’s and videos of interest that aren’t necessarily about my personal life. Perhaps I might cut down on that stuff now that I’ve realized that’s not the kind of thing I want to see from my friends.

Instagram is pretty but it’s not all about beauty. The accounts that are the most memorable to me are the ones who I have connected with at a more personal level. I do love the inspiring beautiful food shots but I also love photos that are more personal. I’m not talking about the 1 good beach photo from 100 shots with a long personal story along with it. I’m talking about photos that say a lot without the long story to go with it. Authenticity goes a long way.  I love a photo that can capture the beauty in flaws.

SnapChat is my place to be goofy. I just wish I had more friends on there. Hey, if you’re a SnapChatter and don’t mind following a quirky vegan add me  @bananawisdom.

Twitter? Who? I believe I just figured out which social media to drop. Another one I am not that into is Tumblr, although I really do love the Ask Me Anything feature. I may change my name to AskBananaWisdom. I love that people can ask anonymously.

One last thing that I need to consider is my Banana Wisdom page on FaceBook. I don’t enjoy it so much. It feels weird to have a page dedicated to Banana Wisdom, it just feels like another page to plug my YouTube videos and share articles that my audience has likely already seen. I would almost rather put my energy into a community.

Spending a few minutes here putting my thoughts to the keyboard has been helpful in figuring out where I will put my energy in Social Media. If you have stayed with me this far into the article, thank-you! You deserve a deluxe vegan cheesecake and three gold stars! I love you!




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