What I Eat (Vegan) in a Day

Short and sweet today. What I eat as a Vegan on a whole foods plant based diet, free of oil, gluten and very little soy (I avoid it if possible because of my thyroid issues). My energy is better now at 40 than it was at 35! I’m in love with this lifestyle! I feel like I’ve only just scratched the surface. If you have Hashimoto’s / Hypothyroidism I’m here to tell you that you DO NOT have to eat a Paleo diet. You can follow your heart and values by being Vegan AND thrive!


Working Out with a Cold

Last week was a little rough for me. I’ve recently changed up my fitness routine to prepare for my first ever Spartan Sprint race. If you’re not familiar with Spartan races it’s pretty much in line with other OCR’s (Obstacle Course Race) such as: Tough Mudder, Battle Frog, Warrior Dash, Mud Hero, Rugged Maniac and the list is endless.  The idea is that you run 5K or more through a series of obstacles while accumulating a lot of mud. It’s almost like being a kid in a  muddy playground! Good times!!

However, not so good of times if you’re really out of shape like myself. I want to at least be able to get through the race without feeling like I’m going to DIE.

Two weeks into my training and I caught a nasty chest cold. I was so angry with myself and so frustrated. I wanted my cold to hurry up and get better but it kept getting worse. So I had to surrender to the cold and rest.

Now I’m back at it again and really really sore.  If you watch the video below don’t forget to give it a like (or dislike) and perhaps a comment, I always love hearing from you!