Lose Weight with Me


I’m super excited about this guys! OMG OMG OMG!!! I want everyone I know to get a copy of Lean & Clean and do the 14 day weight loss challenge with me (and many others) starting Monday, November 28th!  Let’s get a head start before the next wave off holiday madness hits us.

I’ve followed Hannah’s (author, Lean & Clean) weight loss struggle over the years and it completely blew my mind when I saw that she lost 70 lbs! She has done this safely and sustainably – meaning it’s not a diet, it’s a long term way of eating. Never feel deprived Eat until satisfied? Eat CARBS?? And lose weight?? Sign me up!!

Why am I excited? Because those who are on a tight budget can jump on this. It’s perfect too, for those who want to give healthy gifts this Christmas – and frankly would rather avoid the Black Friday madness out there today.  It’s 50% off today only!! Sale ends today at 11:59pm EST. Use the code “thanksliving http://bit.ly/LeanBananaBunches!

Seriously.. it’s not even MY ebook, heck I don’t even have an ebook! I just want you to join me for the 14 day challenge.

Happy shopping!