Trampoline/Rebounder Workout Series

Betty Lou is back with another hilarious video. She is over-the-moon excited about her Epic Trampoline Workout Series project finally becoming a reality.  Plans are in the works for several more trampoline videos in varying lengths and levels. For now, this 8 minute workout will have to get you by.

Beginner friendly and entertaining!


Working Out with a Cold

Last week was a little rough for me. I’ve recently changed up my fitness routine to prepare for my first ever Spartan Sprint race. If you’re not familiar with Spartan races it’s pretty much in line with other OCR’s (Obstacle Course Race) such as: Tough Mudder, Battle Frog, Warrior Dash, Mud Hero, Rugged Maniac and the list is endless.  The idea is that you run 5K or more through a series of obstacles while accumulating a lot of mud. It’s almost like being a kid in a  muddy playground! Good times!!

However, not so good of times if you’re really out of shape like myself. I want to at least be able to get through the race without feeling like I’m going to DIE.

Two weeks into my training and I caught a nasty chest cold. I was so angry with myself and so frustrated. I wanted my cold to hurry up and get better but it kept getting worse. So I had to surrender to the cold and rest.

Now I’m back at it again and really really sore.  If you watch the video below don’t forget to give it a like (or dislike) and perhaps a comment, I always love hearing from you!

My 2016 Fitness Goals

What’s the difference between a resolution and a goal? For me a resolution is just a wish or a hope without an action plan. A goal is more concrete, something I am willing to invest some planning and effort into.  What are your goals for 2016?

This year is all about being consistent with my fitness. To keep myself committed and on track I’ve signed up for a couple of races.  I’ll be participating in the Vancouver St. Patrick’s 5K run and the Portland Spartan Sprint in August. There will likely be more but that’s what I’m currently committed to financially.

Here’s some of the fitness goals that will help me with the Spartan Sprint:

  • Be able to do 20 regular pushups
  • Be able to do 10 pull ups
  • Be able to do 30 burpees
  • Hold a deep squat for 60 seconds
  • Easily run a 5K

I’ve set myself up for success with some tools to keep me motivated and on track.  I have a weekly planner to keep track of my daily health to-do’s and a large calendar to track my fitness progress.  Watch the video below for more info and be sure to leave a comment, I could use some extra cheerleaders to keep me going!