Potato Diet Sensation!


A lot has changed for me after starting the potato challenge back in February. I’ve had amazing success on a potatocentric diet – not only have I lost over 35 pounds, I’ve also reset my taste buds, improved my relationship with food and I can now eat broccoli without gagging!

I love this way of eating so much that it felt wrong calling myself Banana Wisdom so a few months ago I made the huge decision (it felt huge at the time) to change my handle to Potato Wisdom. I still love banana nice cream but potatoes are my main squeeze now.

This morning I launched my first eBook ever, something I never thought I could do, especially a recipe book – because let’s face it, I’m super lazy in the kitchen! But somehow I pulled it off and the result is a beautifully designed eBook that is fun to read, vibrant, filled with all my best tips on how to RESET eating the mighty potato AND finally: super easy and slimming recipes.

This may be my final post on here as I now have an official website that I want to put all my love and attention into. Invite you to visit my new online digs and let me know what you think:  https://potatoreset.com

Here’s my latest video on YouTube that summarizes my experience with the magical potato! https://youtu.be/G538jjMLc-s



My 260lb “Secret”


I shared this photo on Instagram the other day and I was quite taken back by how many people who’ve I’ve gotten to know over the years on Social Media that don’t know my story!  It got me thinking… why don’t I talk about this more? I think part of it is because I feel like my weight loss story is too messy and imperfect. And I still have a ways to go.

Honestly sometimes I really do forget how much I’ve changed. Plus I feel like my story doesn’t count because I didn’t lose all the weight in one go.  Some of it was pre Vegan and some of it post Vegan.  I even yo yo’d a little as a Vegan, leaving many people wondering why I’m not already slim. I guess I just wish I had one of those perfect weight loss stories: “Woman Loses 80lbs in 1 year Doing _____ Diet!”.

I’m 41, I have Hashimoto’s Hypothyroidism and one of my thyroid nodules is possibly cancerous. For now I feel it’s safe, the nodule is doing it’s job and keeping the cancer contained. The only option presented to me so far is to remove my thyroid and do a full biopsy. No thanks, I like the rest of my thyroid.

I’m 41 and feeling 1000 times better than I did in my early 30’s.

My 6 year Veganniversary is coming up on May 20th! It’s only been in the last couple of years that I have (slowly) learned that processed foods, vegan or not, make me feel worse. I’ve learned this lesson over and over – I’m sure some of you can relate! It’s like burning my hand on a hot stove over and over!

I’m currently on a “potato cleanse” – not really a cleanse per say but I’m learning so much about true hunger, satiety, emotional cravings, stress cravings, hormone cravings. I ate only potatoes for one month, then added in veggies. More recently I’ve adding in a little fruit here and there if I feel like it.

Here’s the amazing thing: I couldn’t stomach most vegetables unless hidden in a recipe with loads of sauce. But even then, I hated broccoli no matter how hidden it was. After 28 days of eating only potatoes, I’m able to stomach my most hated vegetables: broccoli, brussels sprouts and asparagus!

If you want to follow along my story and cheer me on in finally becoming a “skinny bitch” you can find me here: https://www.youtube.com/c/bananawisdom

Potato Diet for Food Addiction

My cravings are almost non existent but when I do get them they are so much less intense. I no longer feel like I’m going BATTY for something sweet or snacky. Seriously, if you have a junk food addiction you have to try this!!

I will be on an all potato diet for the month of February. That’s right, potatoes only. Potatoes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Actually, that’s a lie. I’ve only been hungry for lunch and dinner these days. And like I said earlier, my cravings are almost gone!

Want to follow along on YouTube? Check out what I ate on Day 10:

What I Eat (Vegan) in a Day

Short and sweet today. What I eat as a Vegan on a whole foods plant based diet, free of oil, gluten and very little soy (I avoid it if possible because of my thyroid issues). My energy is better now at 40 than it was at 35! I’m in love with this lifestyle! I feel like I’ve only just scratched the surface. If you have Hashimoto’s / Hypothyroidism I’m here to tell you that you DO NOT have to eat a Paleo diet. You can follow your heart and values by being Vegan AND thrive!

Vegan with Hashimoto’s

What amazes me is that I’m able to lose weight and feel great on this lifestyle regardless of my abnormally high TSH of 5.5 – normally my TSH is under 2.  In the past whenever my TSH crept above 3 I had major hypothyroid symptoms: depression, dry skin, very low energy, etc.

Many of my peers with Hashimoto’s/Hypothyroidism are on a Paleo diet as they think it’s the only way they can lose weight. They’ll say: “just looking at carbs makes me fat!”.  Of course it does! Your body is in starvation mode! You’ve eliminated the most important energy source that fuels your muscles and brain cells (carbohydrates/glucose). In fact you are starving your body of what it needs. It’s only natural that your body would want to hold on to it for dear life the next time you consume carbs!  The weight gain you may experience from reintroducing carbs is only temporary. No need to panic.

I personally would much rather have some temporary weight gain as a small sacrifice for long term benefits. Since switching to a high carb low fat whole foods plant based diet I have experienced:

  • increased energy
  • ability to eat a high amount of calories without gaining weight
  • desire to exercise
  • stable mood & happier disposition
  • increased passion for animals and the planet
  • the need to REDUCE my thyroid medications (which is why I’m temporarily hypothyroid as my body adjusts to new dosage)
  • increased lean mass

If you aren’t eating a plant based diet already, what is stopping you? Help me help you, ask me anything. If you are embarrassed to ask publicly you can always ask anonymously on my Tumblr page.

Watch this one minute video of what I eat in a day for inspiration. If you’d like to see more be sure to subscribe to my channel on YouTube and of course your likes/dislikes and comments are always appreciated!

What I Eat for Weightloss

Sorry for the mash up! Being back on social media has been keeping me super busy.

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