Fat Vegans? [Rant]

How is it possible to be a fat Vegan? Are you doing something wrong if you’re Vegan and fat? That’s what some people seem to think and oddly enough it’s the same people that think you can achieve long term weight loss on a Paleo diet.

I’m here to tell you that I actually got fat as a result of going on a low carb diet for a couple of months.  I got myself down to my smallest adult size – woohoo! But a couple of months later was the beginning of my health decline. I later learned that Hashimoto’s reared it’s ugly head around that time.

Coincidence? Maybe. But I think not. Sure I might have been prone to Hashimoto’s due to genetics or perhaps I had it already and didn’t know it. But what I do know is that a low carb diet added fuel to that fire.  I gained back the 15 lbs I lost plus another 85 lbs. By the time I was finally diagnosed with Hashimoto’s I was 260 lbs.  Way too much for my 5’4.5″ frame. I was sleeping 15 hours a day, depressed and suicidal. It wasn’t pretty.

Anyway I’m veering off from the message of my rant video. In a nutshell, you never know where someone is at in their journey. Next time you see a fat Vegan, don’t wonder how they can be fat and Vegan, perhaps wonder what their life was like before they went vegan. Also know that Veganism isn’t an actual diet (Veganism is a lifestyle in which we live by a set of morals to not cause unnecessary harm to living, sentient beings.)

There are many “diets” in the Vegan realm. Also know that whatever diet a Vegan chooses will not make them slim overnight.

Click below to watch the video: WARNING: STRONG LANGUAGE


Girls/Ladies Don’t Poop or Fart

I have a problem with going #2 in public or basically if anyone is in my vicinity. The other day I stopped half way through, ehem, going poop because someone walked into the small shared bathroom where I work. I left and thought, this is ridiculous!! Why does it bother me so much to not have total privacy while pooping?

Why is this so common with the ladies? It’s much more accepted for guys to fart, burp, or make a big stinker in a friend’s bathroom and make a joke about it.  But not the ladies, we’re supposed to be as perdy as a flower.

Watch the video below to get my (funny) take on this. https://youtu.be/k_44EXYkkMc