Back on Social Media

I mentioned in my last post that I wasn’t in a hurry to get back into social media.  This morning I was inspired to post last night’s dinner that was taken on my new camera!! I’m the proud new owner of a Canon G7X. I feel like a real Vlogger now! It’s not a DLSR but it’s the next best thing (actually better because I hate fiddling with manual camera settings).

My first food photo on the new camera. Not too shabby for horrible lighting. This is a huge upgrade from my iPhone 5s.


In other news Vlogmas on YouTube is in full swing! What is vlogmas? It’s committing to a video a day until Christmas. That’s it! Except, I will likely do a video a day for the entire month of December.  It’s a great excuse to get more content uploaded to YouTube. Here’s Day 2 of my Vlogmas video series.


Last Day of Social Media Cleanse

Tomorrow I’ll be back on the Social Media train and I’m not as excited as I thought I would be.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m looking forward to seeing what my Facebook friends have been up to but I’m only interested in personal posts — not articles, not meme’s, not the cutest cat video ever. I’m looking forward to creating silly stories on SnapChat and making pretty photos for Instagram.

I’m one of those people who posts articles, meme’s and videos of interest that aren’t necessarily about my personal life. Perhaps I might cut down on that stuff now that I’ve realized that’s not the kind of thing I want to see from my friends.

Instagram is pretty but it’s not all about beauty. The accounts that are the most memorable to me are the ones who I have connected with at a more personal level. I do love the inspiring beautiful food shots but I also love photos that are more personal. I’m not talking about the 1 good beach photo from 100 shots with a long personal story along with it. I’m talking about photos that say a lot without the long story to go with it. Authenticity goes a long way.  I love a photo that can capture the beauty in flaws.

SnapChat is my place to be goofy. I just wish I had more friends on there. Hey, if you’re a SnapChatter and don’t mind following a quirky vegan add me  @bananawisdom.

Twitter? Who? I believe I just figured out which social media to drop. Another one I am not that into is Tumblr, although I really do love the Ask Me Anything feature. I may change my name to AskBananaWisdom. I love that people can ask anonymously.

One last thing that I need to consider is my Banana Wisdom page on FaceBook. I don’t enjoy it so much. It feels weird to have a page dedicated to Banana Wisdom, it just feels like another page to plug my YouTube videos and share articles that my audience has likely already seen. I would almost rather put my energy into a community.

Spending a few minutes here putting my thoughts to the keyboard has been helpful in figuring out where I will put my energy in Social Media. If you have stayed with me this far into the article, thank-you! You deserve a deluxe vegan cheesecake and three gold stars! I love you!



Be Right Back

Sorry for the lack of posts. I’ve been under the weather since Sunday with a nasty flu! First time in a very long time I’ve been this sick. You win some you lose some. I’m really looking forward to getting my brain back and creating a video to summarize how this Social Media Cleanse changed (or not) my perspective.

See you all soonish!  Check out my silly video making light of how non-vegans love to tell us vegans that our diet sucks anytime we are sick.

Day 14 Already?

I’m amazed how fast this month is going, considering I was prepared for a rough time not being on Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Tumblr).  I’m very happy with how it’s going!

I think YouTube is starting to become a problem area for me. I’m checking my video stats way too often. I want to NOT care but those stats are vital to knowing what type of videos to continue making.

When I make daily videos I get less views per video because (I’m guessing) most of my subscribers are not loyal fans and most subscribers don’t have time to watch every single video.  I knew going into this ‘cleanse’ that it would not be a hot topic, I mean, how exciting can a social media cleanse be?

Note to myself: when you upload 1 video per week you average 100-200 views per video. So lets be very generous and say you get 200 views for every weekly video, that’s 800 views in four weeks.  When you upload daily videos you average 50 views per video which is 1400 views in 4 weeks. So stop feeling bad when your daily videos don’t get many views!

But seriously, watch THIS video, it was such a great day and I had a lot of fun making it.  Who doesn’t want to see me fail miserably during singing lessons or see a cute 4 month old puppy? Enjoy and don’t forget to comment, like and subscribe!



Social Media Cleanse Day 10

Well, I can safely say that this has gotten very easy. So much that I don’t have a lot to talk about in regards to how this cleanse is affecting me. My focus has shifted more towards creating and coming up with ideas. I have a lot of new video ideas for YouTube!  Today I share how to make a blueberry “milkshake” using only dates, water and frozen blueberries.  Oh and there may be some bad horrible singing.

Social Media Cleanse: Day 9

Today’s theme is all about tapping into childhood memories to find my passion. The other I was watching Grace Smith when she said to a viewer “If you want to figure out your passion think about what you enjoyed the most as a kid, it’s as simple as that.”  So it got me thinking about my childhood.  I realized I have a lot of sadness attached to my childhood memories. It’s not that I grew up in a broken home or had abusive parents but I was a sensitive child and I was really good at storing those negative feelings in my memory more than the positive ones.

I remember clearly all the times I got in trouble from my friends parents (okay it was only twice). Mostly I remember at various times feeling left out, ugly, fat, stupid and average. I remember being made fun of for being a bed wetter – and being sent home from a sleepover party before the sleeping part. Another time I went to a huge sleepover party, the lights were out and we were all in our sleeping bags on the floor, I overheard “she’s probably peeing herself right now, hahaha”.  Another time I was devastated that I actually wet the bed while staying at a friends house, not one of my best friends but a sort of newish friend. After that I was known as the “pee princess”, well for maybe a couple of weeks.

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that those negative times seemed to have pushed out the positive memories. So I asked my mom for some help in remembering what I actually enjoyed as a kid.  Watch the video to find out more and I would love to hear what you enjoyed the most as a child.

Social Media Cleanse Day 4

It does seem a little odd that I’m taking a social media break around the same time Essena Oneill announced that she’s quitting social media.  However our reasons are completely different. Essena had an awakening. A realization that she did not feel right about the perfect persona she created for popularity.

I needed to take a break because I feel as though I have an addiction or reliance on social media. I rely too much on social media to keep me distracted, make me laugh, make me feel validated (via likes, comments, thumbs up, etc) and feel like part of a community. Social media actually makes me feel, social!  It’s a safe place for an introvert to let loose because I can retreat anytime.

But too often I would go to my computer for a simple task such as googling an address only to find myself Facebooking for an hour. One click on my bookmarks bar and I’m sucked into a social media vortex completely forgetting to look up that address.

I’m finding though that I am replacing social media with other digital distractions. More time on Simpson’s Tapped Out, checking YouTube video stats and comments, writing in forums, emails, etc.  Today I realize that I’m actually addicted to distractions.

What really would break me of these bad habits is to be completely off the grid. Now that is a scary thought!

Check out today’s video and comment:

I’m not a writer. I’m a thinker. Sometimes my thoughts take over the keyboard and they might not always make sense. With that said, thank you so much for taking the time to read my ramblings.


Social Media Cleanse: Day 3

Social media feels like my phantom limb right now, I keep going to reach for it but it’s not there. Needless to say I’m still having a hard time getting used to this.

I had an aha moment and while reading the book How Life Works and was inspired to create this drawing.  The law of attraction isn’t just about visualizing what you want but feeling how you want to feel when you have what you want. You have to feel as if you already have it.  Want a million dollars? You have to feel like you already have it. If you aren’t happy right now and $1 million dollars landed on your lap you may be happy temporarily but you will go back to your regular patterns of feeling the way you feel right now.  Even if you can only spend a few minutes each day practicing that feeling you will be one step closer.

To attract happiness you need to feel happiness. Like attracts like.
To attract happiness you need to feel happiness. Like attracts like.

Video diary from day three:


I’m not a writer. I’m a thinker. Sometimes my thoughts take over the keyboard and they might not always make sense. With that said, thank you so much for taking the time to read my ramblings.