All Hail Hypnotoad!

Hypnotoad time travels to 2015 to deliver an important message to humans. All hail Hypnotoad!


Breaking Angry

There was a book published recently that received a lot of media attention. The author has been interviewed on The Doctors and major news networks. I am not even sure I want to mention the name of the book as might induce an episode of passionate anger in my fellow Vegans. Besides, do I really want to give this book more attention?

I’ll give you a hint, the author blames her eating disorder on the Vegan “diet”. Apparently labelling herself vegan made it difficult to overcome orthorexia. The fact that she titled her book (sigh, I’ll say it) Breaking Vegan and not Breaking Orthorexia has the Vegan community up in arms. We’re angry!

First off Veganism is not a diet, it’s a way of life. You don’t simply fast on juice and call yourself a vegan. I’ll cut her some slack though, I wasn’t truly a vegan until 3 years into eating a plant based diet but I still called myself a vegan as it was easier to explain how I ate.

Instead of making another rant video I decided to make light of the situation and do a comedic parody video starring me, as Banana Blondie. If you don’t know who she is you can find her on Instagram and YouTube. Hopefully you’ll still enjoy this video even if you don’t know her!